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  Japanese internet environment is now rapidly changing and Japanese internet population is drastically increasing.

Japan World Mall is planned and designed by Intelligence Bridges to provide comfortable shopping environment for Japanese online shoppers to visit and shop at overseas web site adapting to current Japanese internet trend and consequently, for overseas shops to penetrate Japanese market.

Examining unique Japanese consumers' characteristics and current japanese internet situation:

1. Regarding Japanese online shopper.

We, Intelligence Bridges have been engaging in overseas business consultation for more than ten years for various business lines, and are currently responding to increasing consultations for many Japanese people who want to start online shopping at overseas web sites.
In the process of our consultation for online shopping, we have found much about the obstructions Japanese people encounter when they want to visit and shop at overseas web sites.

Please click on Analysis of Japanese Online Shoppers page for detailed information about the obstruction they encounter.

Besides Japanese people's language problem (people who have enough ability to understand English for online shopping comprise far less than 1% of the whole Japanese population), we found that the unique disposition of Japanese people considerably different from, sometimes contrary to, that of Westerners heavily obstructs for them to visit foreign web sites and consequently, they are concentrating to the Japanese domestic web sites.

Please click on Characteristics of the Japanese People page for detailed information.

Furthermore, the currently increasing Japanese internet population means the expansion of people with limited or non-existent knowledge of foreign language and customs and they tend more to concentrate on Japanese domestic web sites and overseas shops may not be able to enjoy this expansion..

However, overseas online shops should not feel resigned missing out on this increasing market with about 50% of the population of the United States backed up with the second largest economy in the world and being recognized as No.1 mobile phone advanced country.

Our purpose is to increase Japanese online shoppers' visit to western online shops providing comfortable environment and opportunity for all of Japanese internet shoppers including currently increasing internet population.

2. Current Japanese internet situation

Currently, Japanese internet environment is rapidly improving and Japanese internet population is drastically increasing in government leaded movement.

Please click on Current internet related news from Japan to refer to current internet related news summary.

According to the Government's new Information Technology promotion policy, everything is forecasted to be accelerated and it is considered that the beginning of the 21st Century marks the first real internet year in Japan.

Currently, not a day passes without hearing IT related news on daily Newspapers and TV programs in Japan.

3. Current Japanese market situation

Japanese economy situation being at the bottom level since the bubble economy ended.
However, while conventional types of business are hovering at the lowest level, some new concepts of business model are expanding and enjoying profitable results.
For example, overseas designer's brands are continuously expanding and enjoying very profitable business in spite of their high price.
On the other hand, 100 Yen shops are also growing to expand their scale to be large stores. These are from the current trend of "Two extreme phenomenon" and we analyze it has come from Japanese disposition and current Japanese economy situation is accelerating it.
Another is the emergence of "Super mall" with spacious land space involving a plenty of beautifully designed shops, amusement facilities and gardens to provide comfortable shopping and spending time for shoppers and children, and lovers as well.

4. Buying power of Japanese consumers.

It has been reported that Japanese economy is hovering at the lowest level for long time, however, as the above phonomeno obviously shows, Japanese consumers have enough buying power to purchase expensive merchandise when they meet the marketing strategy perfectly adapted to the market trend and their disposition. requirement.

Currently, average amount the Japanese people allot to their savings exceeds 10% of their income. They save their daily expense buying the lowest priced merchandise and buy even the most expensive when they meet appropriate one.
We analyze that this tendency will be consistent for the future.

The necessary condition for the marketing strategy to penetrate Japanese market should have.
  1. Adaptation to Japanese online market
    While 80% of U.S. internet visitors come through search engines, it is reported that about 80% of Japanese people come to know the URL they want to visit by offline sources such as newspapers, weekly magazines, TV advertisement, advertisements in trains, wall advertisements, and the recommendations by their colleagues and friends etc.
    It is not sufficient only to translate the page description and to be listed in Japanese search engines.
    The most important thing is to advertise the URL in various offline media as many as possible and to have topic making reputations by innovative approach.
  1. Up-to-date adaptation to rapidly changing Japanese internet environment.
    As Japanese internet environment is very quickly changing, regularly updating marketing strategy to adapt to Japanese market trend such as mobile phone availability is essential.
  1. Examination of merchandise for the marketability and competition in Japanese market by Japanese marketing specialist.
    As the Japanese market and the consumer are considerably different from that of Western counties, the adaptation to this unique market will be more important than to that of western foreign countries.
  1. Customer support by Japanese native speaker.
    As Japanese shoppers tend to agree with the opinion of other people such as their colleague, friend, specialist and salesman as well, customer support by native staff is very effective and strongly encourage the shopper to decide to buy a merchandise.
  1. Up-to-date concept of market place.
    As Japanese market trend is rapidly changing, the concept of market should adapt to this trend.

5. Rapidly changing Japanese internet environment and drastically increasing Japanese internet population.

Japanese internet environment is now rapidly changing and Japanese internet population, especially mobile phone internet population, is drastically increasing.

Above situation shows it is the best time for overseas online shops to prepare the up-to-date marketing strategy to penetrate current Japanese market which has half the population of the United States with the second largest economy in the world, and the No1 mobile phone country in the world. (the internet connection contracts from mobile phones have reached to 31.41 million as of the end of February, 2001 and NTT Docomo, the biggest mobile phone organization with more than 20 million users decided to open up their mobile phone communication network to the other communication organizations in Spring of 2003.
This means that Docomo's mobile phone users will have free selection of internet provider and it is forecasted that other organization soon follow them and mobile phone network business will drastically expand.)

Analyzing these various factors, we have reached to the conclusion that the the concept of shopping mall with enjoyable facility like super mall perfectly adapting to Japanese current internet situation will be the the best selection.

The above is the the reason we develop our Japan World Mall for the best solution to provide all of the Japanese online shoppers comfortable, enjoyable, safe and successful shopping on overseas merchandise, and to provide overseas online shops to get all of these increasing shoppers.

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